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Six22 llc

Friday, April 3, 2015


“There are people that see rainbows as an artistic masterpiece in the sky, to others it is a sign of hope and to many a sign of promise. It can be all three; beauty, hope and promise. “                                                             -Jill Magnus

The colors of the rainbow can make any person smile. Maybe you’ll be able to find that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Ever wonder where that saying came from? The Celts found pride and joy in the event that they would reproduce and carry on their family’s legacy.

Religiously rainbows symbolize different spiritual elements of life. According to the Jewish religion, a rainbow is used to celebrate the diversity of life on Earth and that God would never flood the Earth again. However, that doesn’t mean that humanity can’t flood the Earth in a harmful way.  We all need to remember that we share this planet with many living things and that we need to preserve all life on earth as best we can.

In the Chinese culture, the rainbow represents a bridge by a double-headed dragon as the mediator between Heaven and Earth. With the double heads the dragon is able to hear the prayers of the people on Earth and send it forth to the Heavens.

Scientifically, rainbows are caused by water droplets both in the reflection and refraction of light and always appear in the opposite direction of the sun. However, the interpretation of a rainbow is based off the eye of the beholder.

There are many activities you can do to celebrate rainbow day. Some people like to bake colorful pastries or food. Others like to go look up at the sky and find t
hat perfect rainbow throughout the day.