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Friday, April 3, 2015


“There are people that see rainbows as an artistic masterpiece in the sky, to others it is a sign of hope and to many a sign of promise. It can be all three; beauty, hope and promise. “                                                             -Jill Magnus

The colors of the rainbow can make any person smile. Maybe you’ll be able to find that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Ever wonder where that saying came from? The Celts found pride and joy in the event that they would reproduce and carry on their family’s legacy.

Religiously rainbows symbolize different spiritual elements of life. According to the Jewish religion, a rainbow is used to celebrate the diversity of life on Earth and that God would never flood the Earth again. However, that doesn’t mean that humanity can’t flood the Earth in a harmful way.  We all need to remember that we share this planet with many living things and that we need to preserve all life on earth as best we can.

In the Chinese culture, the rainbow represents a bridge by a double-headed dragon as the mediator between Heaven and Earth. With the double heads the dragon is able to hear the prayers of the people on Earth and send it forth to the Heavens.

Scientifically, rainbows are caused by water droplets both in the reflection and refraction of light and always appear in the opposite direction of the sun. However, the interpretation of a rainbow is based off the eye of the beholder.

There are many activities you can do to celebrate rainbow day. Some people like to bake colorful pastries or food. Others like to go look up at the sky and find t
hat perfect rainbow throughout the day.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Women's History Month

When I started working on women's history about thirty years ago, the field did not exist. People didn't think that women had a history worth knowing.
—Gerda Lerner, Women and History (1986; 1993)

Thanks to our fore mothers who helped shape our history women today are no longer invisible in historical texts. Today there is a growing number of women that are being part of society by entering the work force and helping people. Women today are given the opportunities to get paid for their work, vote for their leaders, and be official citizens of the United States.

In the 1920s millions of American women were given the right to vote 
On August 26, 1920, the 19th Amendment was ratified allowing women the right to vote and for the first time, like men, have the responsibilities of a citizen. Additionally, in the 1920s the Women’s Bureau of the Department of Labor was formed to collect information and ensure the safety of women in the work force.

In 1980, President Jimmy Carter issued a whole week dedicated to women. Later it evolved to the whole month of March. There has been much progress in regards to women’s rights and movements in the United States.  

Maybe it started with the “We Can Do It” campaign; during World War II women were vital and recruited in order to keep the United States economy running. Public campaigns were held everywhere encouraging women who never held a job before to enter the workforce. This incorporated the feminist ideals that we have today. Roise Riveter dressed in overalls and a bandanna represented the symbol a strong patriotic woman. 

However, the campaign for women’s suffrage began before the civil war. The idea of having a “true” woman was one that is exclusively at home, a submissive wife, and cares for the children has transformed. Today there are many women world leaders that are looked up to everyday for their charisma and outcome. From politicians to movie stars and corporate workers, a woman’s role in society today is evolving to something other than just male dominance. In addition, women veterans equal 10% of 22 million veterans.  
Just as history was made, we also need to remember that we can still make history.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Welcoming Spring

It’s always great to look forward to a new beginning. Although this past February is known to be the third coldest February ever recorded, spring is right around the corner waiting to greet us. 

Welcoming spring with open arms in hopes of longer sunny days and beautiful flower petals blooming; we all have the ability to say FINALLY.

Finally the snow is melting. 
Finally there are more parking spots.
Finally we can pack those gloves away and take out that almost rusting bicycle for a nice spring ride down the block. Maybe finally have that cute picnic we were all planning to have but didn't get a chance to experience yet. 
Finally we can open the windows and let the heating and air conditioning bill not be so high. 
Finally we are able to take that car for a proper car wash and wipe down the windows around the house so that we can finally experience that sunlight just a little clearer. After such winter conditions our windows need the exercise. 
Finally all those dull color just disappear and floral bright colors come out.

Welcome back Spring, you have been missed. It's great to finally see you again.

Sunday, March 8, 2015


Gender biases start at a young age and can affect our children in the future. In fact, it affects us today. At a young age girls and boys are taught the same concepts at school; math, science, history, and so forth. However, when it comes to playing outside in the playground the environment changes. If a girl were to fall and scrape her knee and cry, she would be comforted and be told “it’s ok”. If a boy were to fall and scrape his knee and cry, he would be told to be a big boy and “don’t cry”. So it’s clear that even from a young age, the way a certain individual is treated determines different thought processes that develop because of the social environment. At the same time when a women is being persistent with what she wants she’s seen as aggressive whereas when a man is showing persistence he is seen as assertive. Relating back to children and how they’re raised today, when a girl takes control of a situation she is seen as bossy whereas a little boy takes control of a situation he has potential leadership skills. 

Men and women face gender discrimination every day. One place in particular where gender unfairness takes place is in the work place. Employers are less willing to hire a woman over a man any day. When it comes down to getting a promotion a woman will have to show proof from her past accomplishments whereas a man has the potential to do the task. At the same time, even when applying for an internship or a job, men are less likely to apply to a position where they fit every criteria whereas women only apply to jobs that fit almost every criteria. Women constantly go through the struggle of having to prove themselves in the workforce in order to receive even part of their male counterpart’s salary. 

In addition, women have one of the hardest challenges before getting hired. Unfortunately there are some women out there when going into an interview that take off their wedding rings. We all know that nursery song, first comes love, then comes the marriage, then comes the baby in the baby carriage. Although there are laws that help keep private matters private having children is part of the circle of life.  In the United States, most couples eventually have children, employers need to understand that women will eventually become mothers and men will eventually become fathers. Fathers today pack lunches and change diapers and mothers go to work.

Just as there’s biases in regards to women entering the workforce, there are also biases when it comes to men leaving the workforce for “paternity leave”.  There are many single parents out there that need to work and support their children. At the same time, the world is evolving and husbands are staying home to take care of the children while their wives go out and become the primary breadwinners. Just as employers understand that women take off for maternity leave, fathers have it a bit more difficult for paternity leave. 

There are always many sides to one type of argument which is why gender equality is still seen as an issue today. While men get the “father of the year” award, women are expected to take on the role of taking care of the children, so it’s already seen as part of their job description. There’s a saying about “motherhood penalty” and “fatherhood bonus”. Women face much harder obstacles when it comes to entering the workforce. This is especially true with low income couples. The bias where fathers are the breadwinners and mothers are the caregivers in today’s day and age is still an issue today and it all starts from a young age.

Monday, February 23, 2015


(February 23 2015) 
"First in war, first in peace, and first in the hearts of his countrymen" –Henry Lee

Henry Lee gave this eulogy after George Washington passed away in 1799; the District of Columbia had continued to unofficially celebrate Washington’s birthday ever since in order to commemorate one of the greatest leaders in United States history. Around 1885, the United States as a whole recognized Washington’s Birthday as a day of remembrance.  Later in 1971, this day was turned into a Uniform Monday Holiday Act giving Americans a reason for a three-day-weekend along with Columbus Day, Memorial Day, and Veterans Day. 

George Washington was not only the first president of the United States he was also the first individual turned into a national holiday allowing the nation to take part of a three-day weekend (Martin Luther Kind Jr. was the second). 

Washington and Lincoln are both perceived as part of America’s most recognized leaders and therefore their day of remembrance is called by the actual president’s name to celebrate. In some states, like Illinois, Lincoln’s birthday was also celebrated giving equal support to two American presidents.  Today we all celebrate Presidents’ Day in order to honor all the presidents that have served the United States.

Presidents’ Day is a very patriotic and historical holiday in the United States.

Fun Fact: The holiday never actually falls onto any American presidents’ birthdays.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

General Marketing in Short

General Marketing

Developing a brand and working off that idea is how one would start a full blown marketing campaign for a general marketing scheme. Spreading the brand via advertising in papers, online and through posters/billboards is the first step in generating buzz. Tell people what the company is about but don't give them too much information. Keep them guessing. 

Create an online presence through social media and blogging so that you can build up links for the first page of Google/Yahoo/Bing to be filled up with when people search your for your company. 

Wait for your clients to roll in.