Six22 llc

Six22 llc

Friday, March 20, 2015

Welcoming Spring

It’s always great to look forward to a new beginning. Although this past February is known to be the third coldest February ever recorded, spring is right around the corner waiting to greet us. 

Welcoming spring with open arms in hopes of longer sunny days and beautiful flower petals blooming; we all have the ability to say FINALLY.

Finally the snow is melting. 
Finally there are more parking spots.
Finally we can pack those gloves away and take out that almost rusting bicycle for a nice spring ride down the block. Maybe finally have that cute picnic we were all planning to have but didn't get a chance to experience yet. 
Finally we can open the windows and let the heating and air conditioning bill not be so high. 
Finally we are able to take that car for a proper car wash and wipe down the windows around the house so that we can finally experience that sunlight just a little clearer. After such winter conditions our windows need the exercise. 
Finally all those dull color just disappear and floral bright colors come out.

Welcome back Spring, you have been missed. It's great to finally see you again.

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